Are SARMs a substitute for steroids?

Performance enhancing drugs are quite popular these days, most of the bodybuilders and athletes swear by these performance enhancing drugs to build a body and to boost their performance level. Use of steroids to boost the hormones and muscle growth by increasing the testosterone level is common these days but they do have certain side effects on liver, heart and the sex organs which can be harmful.

Over the past few years there has been a rise of a new league of performance enhancing drugs, which are known to be collective compounds known as SARM’s or the selective androgen receptor modulators. They are known to build muscle and also shed fat just like the steroids but without causing any such serious side effect like liver shrinking and hair growth effects.

SARM’S are a new type of performance enhancing drugs that have taken the fitness industry by a storm; they not only have the ability to promote muscle growth but they are also great for fat loss. They are quite different from the usual steroids as they affect and target a particular pathway, is a place where one can get information about SARM’s.

Buy SARM’s

SARM’s can be bought online as there are a lot of companies that are selling SARM’s but finding the right company is important as there are some companies which even sell fake drugs, so it is important to be careful. One has to be really careful while selecting SARM’s, there are a lot of factors that should be kept in mind and weighed down while selecting one.

Consider these factors

  • The price – There are huge price discrepancies between two companies online, so one really has to weight and compare both the products and then make the right decision. There is no point of paying more so make the right decision by comparing properly.
  • Reputation – The reputation of the seller is also very important; the reviews regarding the company and word of mouth help in making this decision.
  • Lab test – It is necessary for a company to provide lab test, it is like an important factor in choosing the right product.

These factors really help in making the right choice among two different companies selling the same product.

Types of SARM’s

As important it is to choose the right company selling SARMs it is also important to choose the right kind of SARM. There is a large variety of SARM’s available online you can learn about them on Some of these SARMs are:

  • Ligandrol 4033 – The GD 4033 or the Ligandrol 4033 is a SARM that provides faster results. It is known to increase focus, the bone density and the sexual drive in men, but it doesn’t help much in losing fat. The only side effect of taking LGD4 033 is that it is known to suppress the testosterone level to some extent.
  • Ostarine – This is one of the most popular SARM’s in the fitness industry; it is known to be mild and it also helps in building a great and improved physique. Ostarine is known to have no such side effect except for a mild level of suppression of testosterone.
  • Cardarine GW501516 – It is one of the best compounds that can be found in the market and it is also known to boost the performance of a person. Cardarine not only helps in boosting the performance but it also helps in burning a substantial amount of fat. This is one of the most effective SARM’s in the market and for better results it should be stacked with ostarine.
  • MK-677 – Those who want a drastic boost in their hormone level for them MK-677 is the best SARM compound to choose. It has to be taken orally and its dose also has to be taken just one a day. MK-677 can cause water retention so one just needs to be careful about this.
  • RAD 140 – Another exciting SARM that leads to a quick muscle gain without any kind of hair loss or any other kind of side-effect. The recommended dose for this SARM is 15mg or 30 mg and the cycle of this should not be increased for more than 12 weeks.
  • S4 andarine – This is a compound which is similar to ostarine; it helps in building a lean body mass and also helps in lowering the body fat. One of the biggest side effects of taking S4 andarine is that is leads to visual impairment.50 mg dose of S4 andarine everyday is considered to be sufficient.
  • SR9009 – This is a perfect supplement which is known for increasing the endurance level in mice and also in stimulating the growth of muscle cells. Just like mice it works in humans too, it is better to inject SR9009 rather than taking it orally.

Which SARM to buy?

Choosing the right SARM among all the above given SARMs can be a little confusing, so it is better to refer for this. It has details regarding all the types of SARMs and their effects.

Are SARMs legal?

SARMs are legal in almost 50 states but they are mainly to be used as research compounds and are not to be used for human consumption. Athletes are in fact banned from taking SARMs except for using them for research purpose.

Are they safe to be used?

If used correctly then SARMs are safe to be used, it is necessary to do some research before taking and one should also give one sometime between cycles of taking SARM.

In short SARMs have the same benefits as anabolic steroids but they are known to have fewer side-effects. They so help in boosting the muscle growth and are safer than a lot of other steroids. There is no proof of any long term effects of consuming SARMs but it is better to do a proper research before taking them. is the right site to visit in order to know more about SARMs and their different types and effects.

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