Be the king of the world with Fortnite

If there is any game that has caught the imagination of world like nothing else, it is the game Fortnite. This one game has been the center of attraction the world over and people are just going gaga over it. You won’t believe perhaps, but these WhatsApp statuses have been flooded by the updates and achievements one has in this game. No wonder, when so many people are playing these game, the level of competition is certain to rise. And with the bar of performance getting raised every day, it is imperative for you to know the game better, as it is far better than most of the other games.

What is Fortnite game?

Developed by Epic Games, this video game was developed in 2017 and was released in the form of different packages having different game models. But the gameplay and the game engine are almost the same as the previous versions. This is a competitive shooter game in which you score for demolishing the opposition. The opponent is an army of husks looking like zombies and the strength of the players is the fortification that they build. Moreover, a total of 4 players can play this game. This makes it one of the coolest games that you will find in the world.


Right now, the Fortnite game comes in two categories. The games have the same game engine and almost similar kind of graphics. The game mechanics is also the same.

  • Fortnite : Save the World: This is a custom designed game for player vs. environment scenario. This game has a plot that shows a fluke storm engulfing the earth and more than 95% of the population getting eliminated in the aftermath. The catastrophe gives rise to zombie-like deadly husks. These husks will try to kill you at all costs. The game demands that the four players take the role of commanders of collecting resources, defending shelter bases, defending equipment and saving survivors. There are numerous in-game incentives that are given to the players for their achievements. The role of all the four players in the game is to push back the storm or to collect data from it. You can get access to game schematics, weapons and hero characters; these level up as the game progresses. None of the other games can give you the experience that the Fortnite games can get you.
  • Fortnite Battle Royale : This is where the level rises even further. You are pitted against the other players and all you have to do is to defend yourself while you strive to emerge victorious eventually. This can accommodate up to 100 players. You can imagine the kind of opposition you will face. Which other games can get you such a fight? The players airdrop from the flight named, Battle Bus and land to scavenge for weapons and resources. You have to avoid getting killed while you collect your treasures and kill others. There is nothing more exciting than this as you find the safe area shrinking because of a storm. This brings the people close to each other and then the game’s ruthlessness rises.

You will get a pickax to knock structures down as you move ahead. You will get a lot of properties that have different durability properties and you will also get more materials of similar type but of better quality. You can use these materials to strengthen your fortifications. The map will be immensely helpful in evading any kind of threat and to get your job done. How many games can promise you an experience that is so intense as scavenging through uncharted lands and surviving at a place where everything is your enemy?

Get online help too

Fighting for life in Fortnite is much different than other games. You can certainly expect the level of competition to be too high. Furthermore, if you want the best performance in the game, then you must try the online tutorials on YouTube. External help is certainly a huge add-on. You won’t be able to clear the game unless you know how the experts and achievers play it. Therefore, we will suggest you to filter the videos on YouTube as per the timeline. Try watching the most recent videos. This is because when the game had begun after launch, there were a number of glitches and bugs. These bugs have been fixed now and therefore, the old videos will have the tutorials involving the bugs. Moreover, the recent videos will have the latest updates and will show you how to play the latest edition.

You must also avoid getting distracted by the thumbnails or the titles. These ones may look attractive, but the content is often shallow. Go by the reviews and likes. This will ensure that you enjoy and conquer Fortnite, the champion of all games.

Tools required

It is best to play the game with a high-quality headphone. The headphones can give you the experience which no other equipment can give you. You will feel like living in the Fortnite world for real. Moreover, the computer or laptop must be having HD screen. Prefer Windows machine for the game. The compatibility is better on Windows OS. Furthermore, the computer must have a graphic card and the processor must be superb enough to handle the game. You just cannot expect to win big if your game keeps stopping intermittently. This is much better than the many other games and can be an utter delight for you.

Ending thoughts

None of the other games in the world can make you live the experience and the thrill of the Fortnite. This game will make you an addict and will present you a different challenge every other day. If you feel that you can kill all opposition and can emerge victorious over the ashes of your foes, then this game is for you. Get your friends to play this game as well and to start, you can try the cooperative mode of Save the World. No wonder, you will see how being the king of the world feels like.

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