What should be fixed to buy a second-hand car?

That a car is aesthetically good is important, but it is possible that its external appearance ends up distracting the user and that he does not notice the mechanical damage. If you buy it at a dealership, but especially if you buy it from an individual or used cars in fontana, you should check the car thoroughly to verify that everything is in perfect condition and that it is working properly, this is your right!

What to look at used cars in Fontana?

When buying a car it is very important to check that everything is in perfect condition and that it works correctly.

What car do you want to buy?

The first step is to know what model you are looking for or what kind of car you want to buy. A recommended option is to ask colleagues and friends for their own vehicles to know if they advise us or if they have given problems. Once decided which is the chosen car the next step is to look for information about that particular model and consult the dealer how much they ask for the new vehicle and in the Official State Gazette the value of the used one to then compare with the second-hand price and see if it makes up for buying it already used.

Row of new cars on lot

Check the car’s documentation

Before buying a second-hand car you should check that you have all the necessary papers. It is necessary to check that the Traffic Tax is paid and that it has passed the Vehicle Technical Inspection, ITV. In addition, you can request a report at used cars in fontana to know the incidences and inspections of the vehicle, the taxes and the origin of the same.

The book of revisions

The book of revisions is very important to know the general condition of the vehicle you are going to acquire. Through it, you can check if the mileage indicated by the odometer is the real one and also you will know if the car has received the correct maintenance. All the official revisions appear in this document, although it does not have any does not mean that it has never been reviewed by a professional, since instead of taking it to the dealer, the driver may have taken it to his trustworthy workshop. You can also see in it the age of the vehicle because it indicates from when it has been in circulation at used cars in fontana.

Check the status of the second-hand vehicle at used cars in Fontana

The exterior of the car


Do not trust the excessively shiny areas and the changes of tone or texture of the paint because they may be hiding a previous accident. One way to check if the accident has been strong is using a magnet. If it sticks to the metal it is a sign that the body is good, whereas if it does not, putty may have been used to repair that area and the blow could cause future problems. Check also if there are scratches or cracks, as well as dents or signs of corrosion. Small damages can have a high cost in the workshop, so you have to take it into account when calculating the budget and know if that car is worth it. You should also pay attention to if some parts of the bumper are badly fixed or unhooked.

Lights and indicators

Inside the headlights and turn signals, you have to pay attention to whether the protective tulips have cracks or breaks and if they are original parts and are approved.

Moons and mirrors

Check that no glass has breaks or sags. Also, if you have bites, check the size to know if you are going to need to change the moon. You should also pay attention that the mirrors are legalized, that is, that the front windows are not tinted, for example.

Interior of the vehicle

Check if the pedals are worn, the slip of the belts if there are faults in the anchors and possible burns, stains or damage to the interior upholstery.


Up to 12% of second-hand vehicles have the speed odometer. It is advisable that you go to the General Directorate of Traffic or the manufacturer to request information regarding the registration of the vehicle you want to buy. If the owner has tampered with the meter and in fact, the car has travelled more kilometers than the brand can be an extra cost in the purchase price, in addition to a risk to road safety.


You have to take into account the tires, not only the front ones but also the rear ones because the grip of the wheels is a very important point and replacing them has a high cost. In the tires, you will have to check if you have cracks or cracks and the date of manufacture. As for the wear, check if it is irregular because they are more worn on one side than the other may be due to an old stroke has shifted the cushioning. It is also important to check the depth of the drawing because if they are much worn you will have to change them soon. The age of the tire can be useful to know the use of the vehicle. The date of manufacture is indicated on the edge and if it is many years old but not worn it will mean that the vehicle has hardly been used.


It is advisable to test the status of the suspension. To do this, make pressure in each of the corners of the car and check that no crunch sounds and that the body returns to its original position without any rebound.


You will know if the brake discs are fine if you do not notice any step when you touch them. If you have them you will have to change them. Also pay attention to whether the brake pedal sinks excessively or if it makes a noise, as well as if the parking brake operates correctly. The verdict is that at used cars in fontana, you will first be satisfied and then you can buy the car.

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