Hemp oil is increasingly known and popular for its multiple properties, Highlights among its quality its help against pain

The hemp oil – which is obtained by pressing hemp seeds, which have many benefits – is a little different hemp oil, although both are taken from the same genus (hemp) and the same species ( Hemp sativa ) plant. The term hemp is used to refer to a hemp sativa plant that contains only small amounts of THC. Hemp is a high-growth plant that is usually grown for industrial use, in products such as oils and ointments, as well as fibre for clothing, construction, and paper, among others. Have a look at the weedinmypocket.com hemp oil review.

The components of Hemp

Hemp oil benefits

Hemp is a group of terpene-phenolic compounds that contain 21 carbon atoms, which are produced only by hemp species. These compounds derived from plants are called phytocannabinoids. See weedinmypocket.com hemp oil review! Although delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (known as THC) is the main psychoactive component, other compounds with biological activity are known, such as cannabinol, cannabidiol, cannabichromene, cannabigerol, tetrahydrocannabivarin and delta-8-THC. It is believed that cannabidiol has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties without the psychoactive effect of delta-9-THC.

Concerns about the risks of marijuana abuse led to a ban on the use of cannabinoids in medical treatments in the United States and many other countries in the 1930s and 40s. It was decades before cannabinoids were considered again as a compound with therapeutic value, and even today, its use is very restricted. What is the pain? Pain can be defined as a sensation generated by the nervous system. The pain can occur in different ways, it can be intermittent or constant. It can be felt in an area of the body as in the backs or knees, or it can be generalized, as it is when you have muscle pain or in the flu.

The function of pain is to be a sign that something is happening in our body. It serves then, to diagnose a disease. Generally what is used to relieve pains are analgesics. Acupuncture also works very well and depending on the situation, sometimes it may be necessary to undergo surgery.

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How do analgesics work?

The common analgesics, act in different ways. Among the most common analgesics is paracetamol. Paracetamol acts in the brain at the centres that cause pain, specifically in prostaglandins. The care that must be taken is that the consumption of this drug in excess can cause liver damage. Other known analgesics are ibuprofen and acetylsalicylic acid or aspirin. They, like paracetamol, stop the production of prostaglandins, but not in the brain only, but in the whole body. Including prostaglandins that line the stomach and help the kidneys function normally, also those that line the airways and the blood clotting. So the unwanted effects of these drugs can be in any area already mentioned. The natural analgesics, on the other hand, stand out for being effective and having no side effects. One of the most important anti-inflammatory drugs is omega 3.

Omega 3 and pain

The resolvins, substance that is produced from the omega 3, would be responsible for generating natural anti-inflammatories, according to what is stated in a Yale University research. This substance acts in two ways. On the one hand, it deflates the area with pain, which relieves the condition and on the other hand, prevents the neuronal activation that generates chronic pain, without alterations of the normal sense of pain. Hemp originates in Central Asia, but today it is cultivated in all parts of the world. In the United States, it is a controlled substance at the federal level and is classified as a Schedule I agent, which means that it is considered a drug with high potential for abuse. The hemp plant produces psychoactive compounds that contain resin, called cannabinoids.

According to a 2007 scientific study published in the medical journal “Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience”, scientists agree that, despite the slight addiction to hemp and the possibility of intensifying addiction to other substances of misuse, when combined with hemp, the therapeutic value of cannabinoids is too high to ignore.

Various diseases and conditions – such as anorexia, emesis (vomiting), pain, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative disorders, epilepsy, glaucoma, osteoporosis, schizophrenia, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, obesity and disorders associated with the metabolic syndrome – they are treated (or can be treated) by hemp oil or other cannabinoid compounds. Although studies are limited due to strict government guidelines, an increasing number of patients also seek to alleviate their symptoms by treatment with hemp or cannabinoids.

Omega 3, key nutrients of hemp seed oil

Hemp seeds provide us with omega 3 and omega 6 essential fats of excellent quality. From these substances is that the body can build natural anti-inflammatories and relieve pain. Today it is known that essential fatty acids act through various mechanisms as they play an important role in the metabolic process. They also help to form molecules, which are called Eicosanoids. These molecules participate in the processes of inflammation, help control and regulate pain and body temperature.

What kind of pains does hemp oil serve us for?

  • Pain due to varicose veins. Like other foods high in omega-3, hemp oil helps thin the blood, and therefore decrease the formation of blood clots and varicose veins.
  • Cancer: it is very good for the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, such as
  • Dizziness and nausea. Delay cancer and tumour growth. It also helps to reduce the pains that come in terminal stages of cancer
  • Glaucoma: helps reduce intraocular pressure and therefore, eye pain.
  • Multiple Sclerosis, Migraines: decreased pain
  • Epilepsies, Dravet Syndrome: Low attacks of epilepsy, antispasmodic
  • Multiple arterioscleroses: excellent for treating the neurological effects and muscle spasms caused by the disease.
  • Crohn’s syndrome: very good for nausea, abdominal pain and attenuation of diarrhoea.
  • Pre-menstrual syndrome: pain relief.
  • Muscular and joint pain: relieves muscle and joint pain due to its anti-inflammatory capacity. It can be used intake and apply in massages.

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