How technology can help deliver tailored education

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that we live in a world dominated by technology. The use of technology has improved all of our lives immeasurably, from the everyday appliances that we use in our home to the ease of communication that, thanks to the internet, we now take for granted.

No area of life is immune to the spread of technology, and this includes education. High Q is one of the world’s leading developers and providers of teaching technology, using the potential of science and digital tech to unlock the potential within each individual student.

Studies adapted to the student

That word “individual” is crucial. Any fears that technological progress could lead to human beings becoming standardized could not be more misplaced in this case. What technology allows is the development of dynamic learning programs that can be tailored to an individual student’s needs, abilities, aptitudes, and preferences.

The majority of effective study is actually carried out away from the classroom, and this is where technology really comes into its own. Teaching apps can facilitate self-motivated learning by students, encouraging them to persist with seeking out new information, new understanding, and new challenges. What’s more, these tools keep pace with each individual student, monitoring their response to ensure that they are always moving forward and improving while also ensuring that they don’t get left behind.


Programs are designed to take a student on to the next stage as soon as they are ready, but also to slow down and repeat a stage if it seems that they have not fully grasped it yet. If this sounds like a video game challenge, then that’s not unexpected, as gamification is one of the key teaching methods used by High Q to drive up the number of hours spent studying and to encourage the best results.

Today’s youngsters have grown up with technology and video games in particular. High Q makes use of this affinity to promote effective learning. Lessons on Demand from our website also means that regardless of what is going on in a student’s life – home commitments, service, sports schedules – they never need to miss a lesson or stage and can catch up in their own time.

Technology is transforming education just like it is impacting on every other area of life. At High Q. we believe in staying ahead of the curve to give our students the best possible chance of achieving their full potential.

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