Selecting a right Bong never an easy job

Choosing a bong is a super tough job. There is so much to look after so that you end up making the right pick. Which color would you like? Would you like the size to be big or small? Would you like it to be light and portable or grand and heavy? What shape would you prefer for it? This list, truly, never ends. A good shopper would probably understand this and not try to be correct in all aspects. Rather, he or she would focus on some critical aspects and be correct on them. There is so much of choice in no matter what you do and sometimes it is a very tough to select anything from the choices. If you really want to do well, then you need to do some kind of research on the internet and find out more about the bong which you are buying. Once you do that then things will be much easier and you will never have a problem. There are many people who need this and are chain smokers for them this is blessing in disguise. If they make use of this, they can be sure, that their life will be up by at least a few years and that is needed. People who love smoking for them bong is one of the best way to reduce damage and have a better life. Also, it is not tough to buy a bong, you can buy here.

In keeping with this approach, we have decided to make things a bit simpler for you with this article. We often have to choose between acrylic and glass while looking for bongs. You can also get many bongs available from the comfort of your home and that makes the choice it easier, which is from an online store and also you can buy here. It is simple and all happening from the comfort of your home, what else do you want?

Here, we will do a comparison between the two of them so that we can come to a conclusion regarding which one would be the best for you.

Comparing Acrylic and Glass Bongs

We would compare both these bongs on the basis of certain aspects. That would make the comparison more systematic and understandable:

  1. Durability: Generally speaking, glass bongs are difficult to maintain. They need to be moved around carefully as any carelessness might end up breaking them down. Even otherwise, acrylic is a kind of plastic and hence, it is more long-lasting. If you are happy with bong you are seeing you can very easily buy here. The quality of the bong is something you need to know. There are many brands but you need to be sure, which brand to buy from. There are some people who are confused and may go in for a product which is not up to the mark and still very expensive, in short not value for money. You always want a product which will last longer and give you good results without getting any issues. Always check it before buying do not regret later.
  2. Price: In respect of price, acrylic comes up to be cheaper than glass. Glass takes more money to manufacture while acrylic can be mass produced. You should know the product is well priced and is pocket-friendly, you cannot pay a very high amount when many options are there in the market which are much cheaper. For that, you need to research and find the best in your budget.
  3. Aesthetic value: Though acrylic is better in terms of durability and price, glass takes it away when it comes to looks. Glass bongs can radiate beauty which would be very difficult to create with acrylic ones. So you need to decide, what type of material you want and on the basis of that, you can select the best one based on your needs.
  4. Richness of smoke: Smoke which comes out of acrylic bongs is a bit rough. However, the ones from glass bongs are way smoother and rich. This will depend on the quality of the bongs and you need to ask for trail if possible.


At the end of the day, we can safely conclude just one thing: both of them have their pros and cons and the final decision would totally depend on the buyer’s situation and preferences. If someone has just started smoking and would like to explore it before making it a habit, then acrylic bongs would work fine. In case someone has been smoking for a long time and appreciates the smoothness which bongs bring, then it makes more sense to go for glass bongs. Hence, the best way to answer this conundrum is to look into your needs.

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