Top three water softener brands on the market

Do you find it hard to manage your water?

Say, you are applying a lot of soap. There are scales on your kitchen utensils and your water tastes or smells strange. Then,   you need to buy a water softener.

How do you buy a water softener?

With so many manufacturers, choosing the best brand can be a challenge. The choice of the best water softener is not that easy as you might think. Many people are now facing headaches after choosing the wrong water softener.

Not to let you into that, below find the top three recommended hard water softeners brands and product.

  1. Fleck Structural 48k-56sxt Water Softener

As per what many people say in regards to the best water softener, the fleck tops the list. It is a trendy brand of water softener that you can quickly get on the market.

Fleck has been in operation for over fifty years

They also have different models that you can choose from, and this implies that finding one for your need will not be a problem.

This company is well known for their excellent customer service and affordable price.

Furthermore, Fleck Company is recognized for giving excellent customer service and low price for their products.

Pros-what we liked about it.

  • You get the full system in one-it includes all the components you need to make your water safe and ease to manage. Comes with resin tank, control head, excellent mesh resin, and brine tank fixed with safety float
  • It has an LCD that you can use to perform the system check and see error codes for troubleshooting.
  • It accompanies detailed installation guide with pictures and tips that will let you go through the installation procedure with ease

Cons-why it can suck

  • The only complaint is that some of the parts are made from cheap plastic instead of metal, and this makes it a short span product.
  1. Watts Water Technologies

The Watts Water Technologies is the most user-friendly brand, compact and portable. This softener is what you need to save yourself from hard water effects and lengthen the lifespan of your kitchen utensils. It removes hard causing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc that form limescale on pipes and sinks.

The Watts Water Technologies is priced reasonably and is very much reliable. This is a recommended water softener for those who are on a limited spending plan

Many people have installed this water softener, not only to get safe water from it, but they had no other alternative.

Pros-what we liked about it

  • Built-in drain line flow restrictor gives a more powerful regeneration expanding the capacity by up to 55%
  • Traditionally designed flow valves permit regeneration without having to connect/disconnect the water softener
  • Full cradle base makes the tank stable than open base tanks
  • Low-pressure drop and High flow rates of up to 4 GPM

Cons-why it can suck

  • The orange Y valve easily breaks and starts to leak. Even if you replace it, you can’t get the softness as it used to be.
  1. Water Boss

At number, three comes this water softener.

Water boss is another famous manufacturer of water softeners. It comes integrated with the latest water regeneration technology that you can ever find.

You will be able to save on water, salt and more importantly get the low running cost.

Furthermore, this model is straightforward to install, and this makes it a go brand for any homeowner.

Pros-what we like about it

  • Compact size that does require much of space
  • comes fitted with 20 microns enough for whole-house dirt & sediment filter
  • Latest regeneration technology that will save on water and salt
  • Fitted Factory by-pass valve
  • runs smoothly

Cons-why it can suck

Some of its cons are that it was not designed to last. It corrodes; it has a small resin bed and is made from cheap plastic.

Final verdict

When I conclude, I just let you know that water softeners are gadgets not to disregard particularly if staying in hard watered areas; this tool can save you from many problems such as clogged plumping and stains on your cloth.

Buy any of the three above and thank me later.

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