Worried About Fat Tummy? Use Strawberry Lasers For Non-Surgical Liposuction And Reduce Two Inches In Every Session

Do you have a fat stomach? Does your tummy hang like a sac on your rib cage? Do you find it difficult to find right size of clothes due to abnormal tummy size? Do people tease you with funny names attributed to your funny appearance due to your tummy? Have you always wanted a slim trim and slender profile, but now are stuck in the body you despise? And most of all, do you want to reduce your tummy size without going through surgery?

If you are subject to the above problems, you should go for non-surgical liposuction which you can avail using strawberry lasers.

What are strawberry lasers?

Strawberry lasers are the revolutionary tool of non-surgical liposuction in which you do not have to face doctors’ operational tools, rather your tummy is reduced with a gentle touch, saving you the pain of going through an operation. They are the second generation laser machine and remove good amount of fat in one session, reducing the number of times you have to see the doctor. They don’t use LED and stick to the lasers used in old days to remove fat and give your tummy the shape you want.

It was also featured in renowned medical shows and is a very popular device among patients and doctors. It is expert in weight loss and you can see the results in 8 to 10 sessions and see your tummy vanishing slowly. For more information, check this http://www.usalipolasers.com/brands/strawberry.php and get too see for yourself.

What is non-surgical liposuction?

In non-surgical liposuction, there is no use of injections and a machine is used to suck the fat from your body. As there is no use of injections and other surgical devices, you are not subjected to rashes and there are no scars on your body. Laser energy, ultrasound or radio frequency is used to reduce body fat and there are no incisions in the body. As compared to surgical methods, fat loss is subtle in non- surgical methods, but it has other benefits like reduced healing time, reduced risk and reduced cost. As there is no literal suction involved, laser lipolysis, body contouring or cryolipolysis are the terms used for non- surgical liposuction.

Wavelengths used in Lipo Laser Machines

You must be familiar with the fact that the higher the magnitude of wavelength, the magnitude of energy emitted is lesser. Nanometers is the unit of measurement of wavelength, the lesser the number of nanometers, the more energy and power is contained in the laser.

While going through a weight reduction session, it is important to protect yourself from exposure to harmful radiations. The laser machinery which uses less than 700 nm wavelength is considered ideal for human exposure.

Since now the wavelength to be used is restricted to smaller range, the question is, does longer wavelengths penetrate deeper in the skin in comparison to short wavelengths? There are some people who believe in the validity of this fact and hence will make machines which follow this idea.

Contemporary Machines

Today, major LED machines produce wavelength in the range of 600 nm, which is the perfectly suitable range to most doctors. Since it is evident that lower wavelengths produce higher energy, which has convinced today’s manufacturers to produce low wavelength emitting machines which produce lower range wavelengths are safe for human use.

Through generations of usage the amount of wavelengths used in laser machine production have varied. There is a hierarchy of wavelength variation seen in the production pattern. Wavelength of magnitude 670 nm was used in the first generation, while the second generation saw 650 nm as the standard magnitude of wavelength production. Third generation used the lowest magnitude of wavelength and highest energy production which was measured as 635 nm. The price of third generation machinery is slightly more than the machines of previous generations. Due to lower frequency, human body will easily go through lymph drainage and detoxification.

Non-surgical machine manufacturers are moving forward to the innovation of adding more diodes and paddles to provide more density and less wattage. While increasing the quality and decreasing the energy consumption, the manufacturers don’t want to compromise the ability to produce low wavelengths. It is claimed by the researchers that if other factors maintain their quality and stay stable, then the working of larger number of diodes becomes quicker and more effective on human body.

Treating with non-surgical lasers 

LED treatment may incorporate more than one session and to be very clear, the number of sessions depends on your current health condition, whether your size is average or large. For perfect result one meeting with the doctor will not be sufficient and you may have to visit the clinic multiple times. An average session sees 1- 2 inch reduction of waist and the body fat is determinant as well the particular part that holds extra fat decides the number of sessions.

Prior to the procedure mental relaxation and preparation are essentially required. As you enter the clinic, you have to be psychologically and emotionally ready and trust your doctor. You can cool yourself with calming music and positive affirmations. Tell yourself that the technology used today is very safe and especially the contemporary models keep user safety and satisfaction at priority. The treatment isn’t painful and sometimes clients share their experience that they felt almost no sensation during treatment.

It was years ago when sudden errors would hit the machine and disrupt the treatment, destroying the results. In the first generation when 670 nm wavelength was used for treatment, the diodes would cease to work due to overproduction of heat. If the diodes hindered working, it would be troublesome for the professionals and the client. That time is past now and the quality of machinery has improved and the machines result in great satisfaction. Heat management is done with the help pf paddles and machines.

Use non-surgical methods tom get your desired shape without giving heed to rumors.

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